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Homeless Man Found Dead at Santa Monica Beach

A dead body was discovered in the gazebo at Crescent Park above the beach at Santa Monica. It appears to be one of the homeless people who lived in the park area, his belongings werespread out all over the gazebo.


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  1. The solution to the homeless problem in Santa Monica is simple__poison their food and wait until they die of un-natural causes. All the money that Samo gets to house the homeless goes right into Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Maria Shriver's bank account. The only solution to helping Homeless people is by providing resources and advocacy so they can get back into the fake real world upon Witch they were thrown out of. This takes leadership and money. There is no leadership and the money was all stolen. If a homeless person wants to die they should move to Santa Monica and Venice and visit the soup kitchens such as OPCC and Dead Bread and Roses and get poisoned and then die. Maybe Saint Monica's can open a new resource center for the homeless and not poison the homeless, provide them with clean clothes, and
    advocacy for housing, employment, and benefits. Catholics doing something for the homeless? They'd just steal the grant money like everybody else. Let us Prey!