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2017 SurfAid Cup Malibu

For the first time in three years, the SurfAid Cup Malibu names a new Champion! Team Becker took home the Cup after an incredible show of sportsmanship by Firewire Team Captain, Mark Price.

At the end of the final, both teams finished with an impressive score of 381.5. Contest Director Harold “Uncle” Reid facilitated three recounts and the scores remained the same. Contest rules state that in the event of a tie, the team fundraising totals will be the determining factor. Firewire raised over $13,000, but in true aloha spirit, unanimously forfeited the title.

Asked about what led to this honorable decision, Mark had this to say, “After 40 waves ridden by Team Firewire and Team Becker during the event, we were tied. There was only one thing to do – concede the 2017 Title to Becker. After watching Allen Sarlo, their designated Pro rider, decimate his 2 waves at the start of the Final and the rest of their team adding points left and right, we were stoked to hand over the trophy. Although we caught up to tie them, they are worthy champions indeed. However, don’t rest of your laurels guys, 2018 is just around the corner!”

This was Team Becker’s first year surfing in the competition. Team Captain, Mitch Taylor put together an impressive roster that included Evan Caples, Yves Bright, Eddie Pieper, and Allen Sarlo. Mitch was stoked to take home the win and said it was an amazing experience for his entire team. “This is the most fun surf competition we’ve ever done and it’s for such a great cause. All of the competitors were there to make a difference and the camaraderie was incredible – especially from Mark Price and the Firewire team.”

12 teams worked together to raise an astonishing $156,000 for SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programs. SurfAid Founder, Dr. Dave Jenkins team took home the Fundraising Cup by raising $35,500 along with teammates Chris Pollock, David Hertz, and Zach Weisberg. Funds raised will go directly towards ensuring SurfAid partner communities have access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and improved nutrition. Each of these factors have been proven to reduce maternal and child mortality rates by as much as 70%.
Dr. Dave had this to say about the event, “Funds raised through the SurfAid Cup directly translate to transformational change in our communities. SurfAid’s hand up – not a hand out philosophy is built to ensure lasting sustainability in our communities. Days like today show that surfers can make a real difference and save the lives of mums and babies in places they love to surf.”

Members of the top surfing and fundraising teams took home custom skate trophies thanks to event partner, Aluminiati Skateboards. A limited edition SurfAid collab board can be purchased online to support the event.
Minimal wind and a small south swell set up good contest conditions. Long lulls added to the importance of strategy and in the end, mother ocean came through with surf that was fun and contestable. The final heat scores included the legendary 381.5 tied score of Team Becker and Team Firewire, followed by an impressive second place win of 349.0 by the Malibu Mayors, a third place win of 305 to the Latigroms (with team captain Diego Didden taking home the Wild Card Honor for his impressive helicopter in the qualifying round), fourth place finish of 299.5 by Gesner’s Goons and rounding out the finals was Indoteak Design with 288.5.

Adding to the fun in the early heats were Team Sasquatch, The Seagulls who embodied their team name by catching their waves in a seagull mask, The “B” team, Malaria Sucks, One Big Family, and Dr. Dave’s Team.

2017 event partners included Malibu Surfing Association, Firewire, Aluminiati Skateboards, Duke’s Malibu, Sticky Bumps Wax, 805 Beer, Pacifico Beer, Dr. Karl and Tia Luber, The Ragen Family, and Blue Sea Apparel. Event photography captured by Grey Lockwood, Nikki Brooks, and Tim Horton.

SurfAid Cup Malibu Photo Gallery

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