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Josh Bagel Klassman Photography

Allen Sarlo, Venice Breakwater, December 1985

Photographer Josh "Bagel" Klassman has finally created a website to share his huge collection of photos he took as a surfer/skater growing up in Venice:

The majority of my photos that you will see on here were shot from the mid 1980'z to the mid 1990'z. That era was an extremely volatile, gritty, dangerous, violent, chaotic, crazy, unruly, insane, and radical on many levels, and for me being 14 to 25 years old during that time it was all a beautiful disaster and very fun to say the least, I loved every second of it. Oh ya, and let's not forget all of that beautiful graffiti, the more the better, graffiti art, tagging, gangster style, murals, stories, political, statements, every style of graffiti covered the streets and it made for an incredible esthetic. My photos are an insiders perspective, I was a part of all you see, it was my every day life. I was a participant documenting my world...

Head over to Josh "Bagel" Klassman Photography and check out vintage photos of how Venice used to be.

Follow Bagel on Instagram too at @jbk_photos

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