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Short Range Surf Forecast Overview

There’s a fun mix of steep S (170-180) in the water and some small to moderate wind swell. The southern hemi peaks Wednesday then lingers through the second half of the week. Wind swell will build to a peak late Thursday before trailing off through the upcoming weekend. We could be looking at some tropical swell for next week’s holiday, with some New Zealand swell for the following weekend. Read more for details.

Fun waist to head high+ surf at southerly exposures that can maximize the S (170-180) in the water right now. The swell should peak with new SSW adding in to the mix Wednesday. There’s a little wind swell in the water as well generating some knee to waist high waves at westerly exposures. Conditions look decent in the mornings, but onshores in the afternoons are going to mean added texture and bump.

Wind swell will pick up a little bit Thursday and Friday, potentially bringing some extra waist to chest high waves to the exposed coast. The southern hemi mix is going to shift more SSW (190-210) and linger into the weekend. Over the weekend though we’re expecting an extra little up tick in SSW as new long-period energy fills in. It’s not looking like a lot, but could be enough to bring another round of knee to chest high+ waves.

Here’s what to expect on a day-to-day basis this week:

Tuesday the 26th southern hemi should builds into the waist to head high range late.

Wednesday the 27th SSW swell mixes in with steeper S. Small wind swell in the mix as well should mean waist to head high+ surf.

Thursday the 28th wind swell picks up as s.hemi mix eases. wave heights should be running knee to chest high+ at standouts.

Friday the 29th wind swell eases as southern hemi lingers. Wave heights expected to be running knee to chest high.

Saturday the 30th SSW swell starts building again, could mean knee to chest high+ surf at standouts late.

Sunday the 1st SSW could bring some bigger waves in the waist to head high range.

Monday the 2nd southern hemi mix settles.


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