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California Surfing Day

September 20 will forever be known California Surfing Day. The date has been introduced in the Golden State legislature to celebrate the California surfing lifestyle, and honor the history, culture, and future of the sport. Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 122 was proposed by California State Senator Janet Nguyen and was unanimously approved by all members of the state's upper house.

The public announcement was made by Senator Nguyen, city officials, and surf legends in the Huntington Beach Pier while pro surfers sat on their boards in flat conditions waiting to competed at 2018 US Open of Surfing.

"Since surfing was brought to California's coast in the 19th century, the sport has transcended beyond the oceans to impact our language, music, fashion, and art. Surfing is a part of the social, economic, and cultural fabric of our State."

According to the bill, California has the largest ocean economy in the United States, and the US surf industry generates annual retail sales of over $6 billion.

The Golden State's coastline, with its 1,100 miles of coastal areas and beaches, generates $1.15 trillion in economic activity annually.

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