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Venice Surf-A-Thon Sponsor/Volunteer Appreciation Night & Art Show

The Venice Surf-A-Thon turns 25 this year! One quarter century of surfing, music, art, good fun and much more! The Venice Surf-A-Thon is more than a just a surf contest!

On Thursday September 26, there will be the Venice Surf-A-Thon Sponsor/Volunteer Appreciation Night & Art Show.

Check out a few of the artists's work in the show. Come on out and celebrate the people that have made and make this one of a kind event happen every year! You may or may not know that Venice Surf-A-Thon sponsors not only many surfers that cannot afford the entry fee to the contest but also a small school in Minadano P.I. Please come on out celebrate the volunteers, purchase some very unique and fine art and help out a few kids receive a basic education in a jungle very far away.

Where: Mercedes Bar and Grill
14 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90247

Time 6:30 pm

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