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Beware of Rhonda

To all those surfing Malibu this weekend, beware Rhonda Harper of Black Girls Surf will be there, don't fall victim to Rhonda Harper and her $$$$ agenda. She ain't got time for your foolery...But also, don't let her tell you that you or your kids can't surf there either.

First off, take note that some of us here at Shacked didn't want to post this, but by not doing so, we would be letting this person cause more trouble in our community. We were hoping this non-surfer would just disappear back up north with her little "surfing training" scam and nonsense. But by playing up the race issues, she manages to fool people and companies into thinking she is legit. We know for a fact some companies, as well as many of her associates and ex-friends, have seen her true nature and distanced themselves from her, others are just not aware what this person truly is. That being said, we don't find any of the companies that are responsible for her being here at fault because they are fooled by this person, and these do companies mean well. But FFS, just about everything Rhonda Harper preaches against, she does those exact same things: bully, localizing spots, gay-bashing, racist comments, advocating violence, etc... You can easily find proof of all this online, most from her own postings.

Now here we are going to present one example that clearly shows of the type of person she is and why those who are surfing Malibu this weekend need to beware.

As many already Know, she shows up to surf spots and tries localizes the spot for her group. She tells others they can't surf, she even has made the claim she has the beach closed off for her camera crew.* She acts as if she expects everyone to clear out for surfers (of course not for her, as she herself doesn't even surf). It is as if she is looking for some sort of confrontation with other surfers, especially men or any light skinned person. Because she can use it to further her agenda.

A crowded spot like Surfrider, on a Saturday, could be a recipe for disaster with her there.

Take a look at what happened via Rhonda's own Instagram post when her and her surfer showed up at a surf spot that is a known beginners circus spot up north:

Black Girls Surf Snake Beginners

If you dont want to click the link, here's a quick rundown: some beginner was just oblivious and getting in everyone's way. Total kook, but not doing it intentionally, just doesn't know anything about surfing (hey, him and Rhonda have something in common).

But she is quick to switch the story into him being an aggressive surfer that was snaking her surfer, so Rhonda has her surfer, nicknamed "Droppers", drop in on him so she can get some pics and turn it into a sexism thing where a female gets revenge on "lil BOYS" that don't like female surfers.

Yeah, that's how damn ridiculous and deceitful Rhonda is.

One person even respectfully comments: "lmao we actually know the guy in this photo. He’s not aggressive, just oblivious. Sorry if he inconvenienced you guys"

And Rhonda Harper replies with: "welp, I suggest you teach him surf etiquette because no one has time for his foolery. He did it too many times. If she were a guy he would’ve caught licks for sure."

That person then express how he expected an IG account that is supposed to be about tolerance in surfing would be more tolerant of beginners. And that person is completely correct, if Rhonda actually did practice what she attempts to preach, both her and her "Olympic Trainee" should be trying to educate a new surfer on proper surf etiquette. Not be putting him on blast, and once again as she has done in the past, changing a scenario into something it is not just for her own agenda.

She continues to belittle that person, as well as another person who commenting stating it didn't look like the noobie surfer was being aggressive.

She lies, then bashes and bullies people that do not 100% agree with her.

So Malibu surfers, be careful out there, you could be surfing too close to whoever Rhonda brought and she might take a photo of it then claim it's some sexist or racial attack on her surfer. That's what helps her get donations for her "surfer training" .

She might create another BS story at the garbage ex-Inertia writer's website again.

*a link can be provided to the video where she states she had a "closed set" on the beach for her surfers.

And yo peeps at WSL, we know you're reading this, need proof of anything, message us, we will forward you links, photos, screencaps, other sources to contact, etc... And any other companies, you too.

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  1. I have been trying to warn people about Rhonda Harper for years. I'm surprised no one has put her in the ICU by now. She is 100% lying fraud and has actually built a fake life starting with highjacking ideas from the Black Surfing Association.One day she will mess with the wrong person.