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December Surf Spot Photos Recap

December was a good month for waves at our local spots and we got a ton of surf photos from a bunch of days at a couple of surf spots, from Venice up to Malibu.

Below is the list of Surf Spots with the days we got photos for during the entire month of December. Each link will take you to the page with a few surf photos and at the bottom of those photos there will be a link to that photographer's gallery where you can find all the surf photos for that day (many times there's well over 100 photos to check out). Most of these photographers offer high-res downloads and prints for sale.


Secos - Tuesday 12-3-2019


Topanga - Saturday 12-7-2019
Topanga - Saturday 12-7-2019 Video
Topanga - Monday 12-16-2019
Topanga - Thursday 12-26-2019

Venice Pier

Venice Pier - Sunday 12-1-2019
Venice Pier North Side - Saturday 12-14-2019
Venice Pier South Side - Saturday 12-14-2019
Venice Pier - Venice Surf-A-Thon 2019
Venice Pier - Tuesday 12-24-2019
Venice Pier - Christmas 2019
Venice Pier - Friday 12-27-2019

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