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Red Bull OPrigins Contest Recap & Results

Christian Hosoi - Photo: Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Content Pool

Generations collide as the first-year event celebrated the birthplace of modern skateboarding culture while embodying the rich skate history and fame of Dogtown, which is Santa Monica and Venice Beach, CA.

Greyson Fletcher - Photo: Colin Kerrigan / Red Bull Content Pool

“It's great that Red Bull is educating people on the history of skateboarding in the heart of Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Dogtown. It's all about the history of the location,” said skate pioneer and legend Christian Hosoi, “And I think that this type of event brings the minds of people who want to know what it was like back in the day. I think it's going to bring people to want to know more about the history and watch Dogtown and Z Boys or my documentary, Rising Sun. I mean, we lived it. We did it. We were there. It was something that can change your life and change your life forever. It'll inspire you to want to skateboard or to want to be just good at whatever you do.”

Jereme Knibbs - Photo: Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Content Pool

Jereme Knibbs - Photo: Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Content Pool


Death Races - TJ Rogers
Fire Hydrant Challenge - Andy Anderson
Wallride Showdown Mens - Cody Chapman
Windward Plaza Mens - Jhancarlos Gonzalez
Spirit of Venice - Haden McKenna
Historical Figure - Pat Ngoho
King of the Event - Cody Chapman
Queen of the Event - Christiana Means
Ricky Bobby in the Death Race - Chris Russell
Best Style in a While - Greyson Fletcher
Wallride Showdown Womens - Macey Lemus
Windward Plaza Womens - Paige Heyn

Brandon Turner - Photo: Anthony Acosta / Red Bull Content Pool

Andy Anderson - Photo: Colin Kerrigan / Red Bull Content Pool

About Red Bull Origin

Skateboarding’s origin story could not be described without mention of the sunny streets and vibrant culture of Venice Beach, California. In the 1970s, the Santa Monica and Venice Beach area (also known as Dogtown) became a breeding ground for the Z-Boys and similar groups, birthing the punk and skate subcultures that reverberate through skateboarding today. Now, in the present day, Venice remains a beacon of counterculture, drawing the next generation of skaters to its storied shores. For more information, visit


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