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Santa Monica Crime Statics


From Erika Aklufi, SMPD Lieutenant:

In 2023, the SMPD arrested more than 2500 individuals for misdemeanor and felony violations. Hundreds more were issued citations in the field for misdemeanor offenses per the LA County zero bail policy of Cite and Release (CR). The following numbers reflect those individuals taken into police custody and booked before being released with a citation (BR):

Theft: 366 arrestees. This includes 171 shoplifting arrests, 58 petty thefts, 49 grand thefts, 16 frauds, 14 grand thefts from a person, and 14 organized retail theft arrests, among other crimes.

Public Intoxication/Under the Influence of drugs: 330 arrestees

Trespassing: 105 arrestees

Indecent Exposure: 17 arrestees

These arrests combined represent 30% of all arrests made by the SMPD in 2023.


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