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2017 Ocean Park Surf Contest: Super Masters

Following the Juniors was the most popular division, the Super Masters. This diviiosn was packed with talent this year as our own ZJ Boarding House founder Todd Roberts, showed off his contest knowledge and expertise with a First Place win. After sponsoring the contest every year, Todd finally came out to show us how it should be done. One of our previous contest entertainers, Charlie Diaz, came out from behind the mic to show off his surfing skills and secure Second Place. In Third was another contest veteran, Guy Camilleri.

There's a lot more photos, be sure to check all the photo gallery links on the last page.

Page 7 - Masters Surf

Page 8 - Mens Surf

Page 9 - Womenss Surf

Page 10 - Results & Awards Ceremony

Page 11- Closing & Links to all the Complete Photo Galleries

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