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"Glen Kennedy owned and operated Kennedy's Surfshop in Woodland Hills California before passing earlier this year. He had shaped 1000's of boards throughout the years and some were here today. I didn't know Glen personally but I visited his shop for beach apparel. He was well known and friendly to all. A really a big part of the local surf community from San Diego to Santa Barbara and beyond. Today, 1000's showed up at First Point by the Malibu pier to pay their respect and give a traditional surfer send off by paddling out, forming a circle and then coming together in the center and splashing. Truly an emotional and touching event. The show of support from the many surfers morning the loss of one of their legends, hero, friend and mentor was inspiring. It was a privilege to film this event with permission from the event director and local law enforcement. Also spoke to the Lifeguard staff to let them know of my intent. This is normally a restricted area "No Drones" but was granted an "OK" by all for this event. I can't say that I didn't fly over a few people but I tried to keep it to the minimum by staying on the perimeter. The Mavic 2 Zoom is the perfect craft for this sort of event. I was able to bring the crowd in close without having to be over them.

Weather conditions were perfect at 8am but it became overcast by 10 when the paddle out began. Could not go higher than a 100ft before everything turned gray. I wasn't alone, a couple other drones were out there and fortunately we didn't find each other. Glen's closest friends and family members were in the center. Closing shot showed, it may have been his son being overtaken by emotions with the show of support from Glen's many friends and acquaintances.

This is truly one of the most Inspiring events I've ever had the privilege to film. Very touching.

For those close to Glen, I hope that I presented this Tribute in a respectful way. My condolences to the many that loved him. I think he would've been stoked to have seen how many showed up for his paddle out.

Thx for watching" - bdseidler

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Hundreds showed up to Malibu on Sunday for the paddle out for the legendary Glen Kennedy, who passed away earlier this month. We compiled some photos and words from those who attended:

"This was One of the most amazing days of my life yesterday at the Glen Kennedy Memorial Paddle Out at Malibu 1st Point. I’m so stoked to have been a part of this wonderful event with my son and friends, including friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Glen Kennedy’s Legacy will no doubt live on and he will be missed. R.I.P. Glen!" -

"Today was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. Over 500 surfers; bros, pros and kooks alike; all turned up to honor the life of the King of the Valley. It was nuts to see just how many people Glen’s incredible life touched. R.I.P. Glen Kennedy" - Tydeman Newman

"This was One of the most amazing days of my life yesterday at the Glen Kennedy Memorial Paddle Out at Malibu 1st Point. I’m so stoked to have been a part of this wonderful event with my son and friends, including friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Glen Kennedy’s Legacy will no doubt live on and he will be missed. R.I.P. Glen!" - Michael Pessell

"Standing on top of the Malibu Pier taking this photo was an experience I will not forget. A sea of surfers making their own human reef as we celebrated the life of Glen Kennedy yesterday at Surfrider Beach Malibu. He was an icon and a legend. This paddle out was the largest ever in Malibu. An amazing display of love for Glen and his family. It was incredibly moving." - Tim Keagy

"Moving & meaningful to be part of the incredible send off for a local legend yesterday, the Glen Kennedy Memorial paddle out in Malibu. Crowds gathered on the beach from early morning then over 500 surfers, many on boards shaped by the man himself, took to the ocean to celebrate the life of a man who touched so many hearts.

Both my boys bought their first second hand boards from Glen, then later saved up to have him custom shape a board for them. He discussed their purchases with them as surfers not “kids”, no matter how young they were members of his community.

R.I.P. Glen ♥️ you are missed." -
Naomi Newman

"Beach views from the paddle out for Glen Kennedy yesterday. It was amazing to be surround by people who knew and loved Glen. The energy was incredible and the vibes were of pure love. My deepest condolences to the Kennedy family. I didn’t know how much of a legend Glen was but I felt it yesterday. Glen was our friend through fishing and hanging at the shop. We experienced a different side of his life and I’m forever thankful.

He will live on forever through the boards he made, all the wonderful people who ride them, and the friendships he made." -

"Excellent paddle out ariel photo by @charlesrsmith honoring surf industry pioneer ,shaper ,competitor and friend Glen Kennedy .I predicted this to be massive ,but this ........this is testament to the reach and influence Glen had on an entire community industry and beyond !!!!!

All I can say is spectacular Glen simply spectacular !!!!!!" -
Jon LaLanne

"The King has left the building | GK will never ever be forgotten. 3000 people showed up from all corners of the world to pay respects to the King of the Valley. When you have the news stations covering this event, you know someone pretty damn important left the building. My condolences to the Kennedy family. Thank you Glen for paving the path for all of us " - Dale H Rhodes

"Incredibly poignant and moving morning spent at the Memorial Paddle Out for local surfer, shaper and gentle human Glen Kennedy. We got to know Glen when he shaped Tydeman and Jonezy‘s boards . Based on this morning, he clearly touched so many lives in such a positive way. Humbling. RIP Glen " - Rhys Newman

"We say goodbye in surfer style to Surf Icon, board designer/shaper and legend, Glen Kennedy.!" - OnIt.Pro.

More photos from OnIt.Pro our in their Facebook Album

"I personally needed to feel and see all of the love and people for Glen. It was a healing day for all of us! It was great to see all of our friends of Malibu. How is this photo: Paul Lovis, Richard Wilken, Jim Erickson, Robby Dick, Scott Anderson, myself, Randy Rodstoker and Ned. Much Love for Glen Kennedy. RIP Brother Glen." - Allen Sarlo

"Got up early & paid my respect to Glen Kennedy @ Malibu this morning. " - Mike Groff

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KTLA 5's live news clip of the paddle out for legendary surfboard shaper and surfer Glen Kennedy, held on July 28th at Surfrider Beach in Malibu.

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Come support the legend Glen Kennedy, who passed away earlier this month at either the Paddle Out at Surfrider or Celebration Service (details below).

The following is from the Facebook Event Page :

Join us in celebrating the amazing life of Legendary Glen Kennedy. We will be eating, drinking and telling tales of all the classic times.

Storytelling: We would love for people to share stories about Glen. The Event Center has 3 projector screens and a PA system. If you would like to share a story and photo(s), we will start at 3pm for the first session, and 7pm for the second. Please sign up to speak and / or to send photos email:

Attending: Since we expect more guests than the event center can hold at once, we will have 2 gathering times: From 2-5pm and from 6-9pm. Please RSVP on the Facebook Event below which gathering you will come to and how many people.

We also need people to carpool or use a rideshare service, as parking is limited to 100 spaces. Food and beverages will be provided, but feel free to bring your drink of choice.

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Come support the legend Glen Kennedy, who passed away earlier this month at the paddle out in Malibu on Sunday, July 28th.

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"Sadly, Glen Kennedy, long time surfer/shaper passed away 2 days ago. He was fishing with his grandkids and had a heart attack. Another of the good guys gone."

Glen Kennedy, a San Fernando valley surfboard shaper, was a fixture in Malibu and the valley. Kennedy Surf Shop opened in 1972 and since then, Glen has hand-shaped a wide range of surfboards, including classic longboards, mid range surfboards and high-performance shortboards.

According to his son, Lee, Kennedy suffered a massive stroke while sailing between L.A. and Ensenada.

"Glen Kennedy, if you surfed Malibu and had any ties to the valley, you knew Glen Kennedy. A legend, a neighbor, a mentor, a man of many adventures, the nicest person you would ever meet." - Joe Balint

"Glen was a great man, he took me in, gave me one of my favorite jobs and taught me to shape my own board. So many great memories; night surfing Bu on full moons, Friday night fish fries at the shop, drinks at Pickwick’s... I will never forget you Glen." - Tom Bugg

"We will miss our friend Glen Kennedy. A legend in the surf industry, amazing surfer/shaper/businessman and great guy, whose surf shop in the west end of the San Fernando valley has been in the same location for as long as I can remember. I’m sure Glen’s son will continue his legacy as Glen will now be Surfing the Ranch for eternity! Love you" - OnIt Pro

Glen on the left.

Glen Kennedy Surf Rodeo 2014

Glen's 2 Facebook Pages: Glen Kennedy Custom Shapes and Kennedy Surf Shop. And Glen's Instagram is @kennedysurfshop

Glen Kennedy Paddle Out
Glen Kennedy Celebration of Life

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