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Ocean Park Surf Contest Info

Here's all the info and times for the upcoming Ocean Park Surf Contest:


This year's surf contest poster is by Gregory Evans . Greg is from this area and understands the history and vibe that make this place special. We wanted to do something that had a an old-school, underground comics look to it, and Greg really captured that feeling. With a nod to one of our favorite surf artists, Rick Griffin, Greg created a classic scene of a beach girl and boy at Ocean Park with a peaky swell behind them. The tattered remains of pier pilings in the background are all that is left of the famous P.O.P. Look closely and you'll notice that the pier pilings spell out 26 in Roman numerals (XXVI). And there are even 26 barnacles on the pilings.


In an incredible mixture of art, history, and luck, this year's contest trophies have been made by Robert Asher from actual salvaged wood from the P.O.P. pier. The wood is a tight-grain Fir that has been beveled and sanded on the top where the metal plaques have been screwed to the surface. The rest of the wood has been left in its original state and in areas traces of the paint used on the pier are still visible. One end of the trophies has been stamped "POP 1958" with a wood punch and inked. P.O.P. was founded in 1958.

The Ocean Park Surf Club

As with the past years, every surfer gets a contest souvenir and a bag filled with swag and products from the contest sponsors. This year's souvenir is an Ocean Park 26 Army Knife. The gift bags will be randomly stuffed with with swag and products from the following companies:

Arbor skateboards
Bagel Nosh Deli
Bay St. Boards
Bennett Truks
Bob's Market
Chano Surfboards
Green Goo
Hecho en Venice
Kind Snacks
Ocean Park 26 Clothing
Rip City Skates
Rip Curl
Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards
Scott Anderson / Aquatech
Shaka Shack
Skater Made
Sticky Bumps
ZJ Boarding House

ENTRY The contest is filled as of right now, but there is a waiting list you can sign on to. The entry fee is $20, along with the gift bag, a contest t-shirt is included.

Need even more info? Hit up Kevin on the OP26 Facebook Page:
Ocean Park 26 Facebook Page

Wanna check at last years contest and results? Click the link:
2015 Ocean Park Surf Contest Coverage


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