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Ocean Park Surf Contest

There's three big surf contests each year in the Santa Monica/Venice area, the Ocean Park Surf Contest is the first one of the year, followed by ZJ Boarding House Haunted Heats in October, and the Venice Surf-A-Thon at the end of the year.

Last year's Ocean Park Surf Contest was hampered by bad weather, a hurricane in Baja brought lightning and rain to the contest and force the lifeguards to not only remove everyone from the water, but the sand as well. This year we had near perfect conditions as an unpredicted swell popped up the day of the contest. Beautiful, but strange weather with the air temps at 76 and the water a nice 70 degrees as a huge cloud of smoke from the the San Gabriel fire drifted over the contest area creating an amber lighting effect and turning the sun bright red.

With the first heats starting at 6:30am, the surfers and crowded started gathering at the contest area very early.

Several photographers showed up early. We (Shacked) had 3 pro photographers covering all the action (including Scuba Zac, the one with the biggest lens).

Venice Beach celeb, Oscar, of Hecho en Venice clothing, one of the contest sponsors, enjoying the free bagels provided by Bagel Nosh Deli .

A little pep talk before they head out to compete.

As the morning went on, the sky's cleared up. Much to everyone's delight.

The ladies have a good time while waiting for their heat to begin.

The contest officials, being official, doing official things and stuff.

The World's Oldest Grom, Kurt Harper never misses this event, here he is with the other groms .

Some random photos from the crowd, there's a lot more in the Surfers, Crowd, Staff, Randomness, etc....Gallery

Now on to the surfing:

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Page 3 - Girls Surf

Page 4 - Boys Surf

Page 5 - Womens Surf

Page 6 - Mens Surf

Page 7 - Masters Surf

Page 8 - Super Masters Surf

Page 9 - Juniors Surf

Page 10 - Results & Awards Ceremony

Page 11- Closing & Links to all the Complete Photo Galleries


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