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Slowtide X Kassia + Surf

SLOWTIDE teams up with professional surfer and artist Kassia Meador to create a unique series of beach towels inspired from her cave explorations of the Four Corners region

There are many ways to describe Kassia Meador. Pro-surfer, accomplished photographer, talented artist and business owner are just a few. She is, perhaps, one of the greatest female long boarders to ever grace the high seas. In the Spring of 2015, she launched KASSIA+SURF, a lifestyle, surf accessory and wetsuit line. Focusing on freedom, empowerment, superior quality, and life enriching goods; future flavor with a classic twist. Kassia's newest collection (which artwork is featured in our collaboration) is inspired by the first peoples of this world, the mountains and caves that were their homes and the shapes and symbols they used to explain life and the world as they experienced it. Reminding us all life is that which we perceive and how we choose to see.

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