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Unhealthy Water

From Surfrider LA :
ALERT: For the second straight week following heavy rainfall on January 8-9, the level of Enterococcus bacteria at the Santa Monica beach where SFLA's Blue Water Task Force conducts weekly testing far exceeded the EPA-recommended safe level.

The EPA-recommended threshold for safe levels of bacteria is 104 MPN of CFU (most probable number of colony forming units). The peak level at Station 26 and in front of Shutters/Pico-Kenter stormdrain was 24,196CFU, and 17,215CFU by the Pier.

Despite the high-energy swell hitting the West Coast and creating excellent surf conditions, water contact including swimming and surfing near prominent storm drains is NOT RECOMMENDED until bacteria levels drop back below the health standard. Symptoms of illness from Enterococcus could include stomach pain/cramps, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea or fever/chills

Send an email to: if you’re interested in learning more about SFLA’s Blue Water Task Force or contributing to our efforts to monitor ocean water quality.

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