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Hazmat Situation At The Venice Pier

What was going on this Cinco De Mayo morning at the Venice Pier, story going around at the time from those that were there was that someone overdose in one of the restroom stalls. That's what we even posted in our Instagram story when we asked several bystanders what happened. But the real story is different, the LA Fire Department released this statement:
Update Chemical Investigation;
3100 S Ocean Front Walk;
LA County Employees were cleaning restrooms on the beach and when entered supply closet, they encountered odor which made them feel ill. 23M and 31F transported to area hospital in good/fair condition. LAFD HazMat determined no other patients in the area and no hazard to the public. Substance believed to be related to cleaning powder/solvent. LAFD HazMat remains on scene to conclude their operations while all other LAFD resources being released.

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