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Venice Pier Drowning

If you viewed our Instagram Stories on Saturday, you saw what was going on, a dead body was spotted floating under the Venice Pier. This photo is from Saturday's Story:

We found out more news: Around 6:30AM, some dude parked his motorcycle and walked down to the pier. He had a strange mohawk type hair cut, so a few people recall him walking by. About a half hour later, people saw him floating under the pier.

Cops were called, and the lifeguards arrived. The lifeguards paddled out and pulled the body onto their board. They attempted CPR until the lifeguard boat showed up. And of course, some kook on a Wavestorm paddles right up to the rescue for a better view.

As the boat took the body away, the officers on the pier said they were still preforming CPR on the body...

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