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Surfer Resistance Project

Tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6:30AM to 8:30AM, a few people from UCLA are continuing to conduct a study on surfers health and bacteria that they are exposed to while surfing. They are looking for volunteers who regularly get in the ocean. If you’re heading to the Venice Breakwater for a surf, stop by the big blue UCLA table and sign up to participate. It will take 10 minutes, please come BEFORE surfing! Tell your friends! . . .

You can expect:
1) Enrollment questionnaire: this has a brief demographic section, section on surfing locations and frequency, section on recent antibiotic usage etc...
2) 2 nasal swabs: instructions will be given on how to swab your own nose, one swab per nostril.

This will likely take less than ten minutes to answer the survey questions and take the nasal swabs.

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