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ZJ Boarding House Haunted Heats

ZJ Boarding House held their annual Haunted Heats Surf Contest. As always, it took place in between Towers 26 and 27 in Ocean Park. This year in the Grom heats, we saw a 3 year old, who was the youngest surfer ever to compete in Haunted Heats, ride his Game Of Thrones decorated longboard solo. Along with a Jack Skeleton, Friday The 13th's Jason, some crooks, a little Incredible Hulk, and a Kook Of The Day. Among the adults, the stand outs were the Bird and Lime Scooters, the cast of Aladdin, some drunk judges, a down on his luck Captain Planet, some wrestlers, and a vacationing Darth Vader. Here are some of the more than 300 photos we got from the contest:

You can find well over 300 more photos from this contest, including photos from the awards, all full size and in high-resolution, in this huge photo gallery:

ZJ Boarding House Haunted Heats Photo Gallery

If you were out there, we probably got some cool surfing shots of you, go check them out!


Best Grom Surfer Runner-Up
Jason from Friday The 13th

Best Grom Costume Runner-Up
Otto The Night King

Best Grom Surfer
Zach as Jeff Spicolli

Best Grom Costume
Ollie the Incredible Hulk

Best Grom Overall

Best Adult Surfer Runner-Up
Timmy as James Bond

Best Adult Costume Runner-Up
The Supreme Court Injustices

Best Costume Adult
The Bird and Lime Scooters

Best Adult Surfer
Hulk Hogan

Best Overall Adult
The Lime Scooter


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