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New Skate And Surf Shop Coming To Venice Beach!

Some lady from Canada is claiming she is going to open a skate and surf shop in Venice Beach.

Don't know if she has ever even visited Venice, but she claims she "understands the culture".

Here's her Press Release:

Seems she is a baby photographer in Canada who was able to trademark the Snapchat Ghost logo and is now upset and throwing rants like everyday on Twitter because Snapchat doesn't want to buy the trademark from her. Appears she was expecting Snapchat would give her millions and billions of dollars for the trademark.

She is getting her revenge by selling Snapchat Ghost merch on her online store and will soon open a Snapchat Ghost merch surf and skate shop in Venice. Obviously she chose Venice, because eveyone in Venice loved Snapchat.

Guess we will see come 2021 if she actually does open a shop or not.

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