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Weekend Surf Forecast

According to Surfline: Fun little combo of NW, SSW swells through Fri. Refresh of NW swell mix for the weekend.

Friday, February 26th: 2-3′ surf — 3’+ sets at top spots. Light morning winds.
A few fun peaks to track down but many breaks are slow, as selective SSW swell and small NW swell ease, while the tide tops out at a deep high around 6′ mid morning. Widespread knee-waist high surf continues, best shorebreak sandbars and high tide spots up to about chest high early. Fresh NW swell mix is on the rise for the afternoon, as the ebbing tide bottoms out at a draining -1′ mid afternoon low. Variable to light offshore wind early trends light onshore through the middle of the day. Onshore flow bumps up a notch further through the afternoon for added bump/texture later in the day.

Saturday, February 27th: 3-4′ waves off peaking NW swell. Light winds in the morning.
A reinforcing pulse of shorter period NW swell tops out, putting well exposed spots in consistent waist to chest high surf, while the better breaks in Ventura and the South Bay hit shoulder high+ and south San Diego standouts see head high sets. Deep mid morning high tide (~6′) favors shorebreak sandbars, while most other spots are swampy then. Mid day tide works best for many areas, before the ocean ebbs down to a drained, -1′ mid afternoon low. Light/variable to light offshore winds much of the morning, shift to mainly light+ afternoon onshores for textured+ conditions to a little bump.


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