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Venice Boardwalk Friday Homeless Clean Up

Mornings in Venice Beach 12/3/21 Friday. Video by Cop Watch Venice

"Sanitation and park rangers are back on the boardwalk after a long break. LAPD has been chasing people away in the middle of the night even though the city, state and US Supreme Court says it's not allowed without shelter available. Seems LAPD is trying to help our council member who's facing a recall look better for some strange reason. And now there's trash everywhere that sanitation is not allowed to touch, because there's no homeless people with it. Absolutely none of the city departments communicate and it always leads to more chaos and while they break rules and laws constantly to harm our community, for some reason if it means picking up trash, they act like it's a sin and there's no way they can touch it. The trash is then left to sit for weeks as seen in the Westchester Park videos. I decided to end the video in the Venice canals where it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Venice has also been getting more people returning from the homeless hotel housing programs because the city decided Christmas was a perfect time to close three locations at once. Now people are being shuffled around until they go into the neighborhood and in front of someone's house. Then they say it's allowed. I'm surprised all the homeowners support this instead of moving people indoors or at least in areas that aren't in use.

Remember the city of Los Angeles turned down federal funding to house every homeless person in LA during the pandemic and spends $1 million a day on sanitation, $3 million on LAPD and countless millions on outreach that only walks around, all while claiming to not have enough money to do any of their responsibilities. Not one person has to stay on the street, a large group of residents in Los Angeles allow it by begging for enforcement, rather than stopping politicians from misappropriating funding. Currently 4 people die per day while experiencing homelessness in LA because people support this."

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal


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