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Storm Surf Forecast

NW swell mix builds for Thu-Fri, lingers into weekend as SSW swell shows

Thursday, December 9th: 1-2′ trending 2-3’+ as NW winds and swell mix rise. The surf trends up through the day as NW swell mix builds but quality is largely an issue. We’ll have the second area of low pressure this week dropping into the region later Wednesday into Thursday morning, with rising NW winds and swell mix spreading through the inner coastal waters as the low pushes east through the day. Most areas start the day below waist high, bumping up to waist-stomach high+ for average breaks over the afternoon.

Friday, December 10th: 2-3’+ average breaks, 4 occ. 5′ windswell magnets early. Improving winds. NW swell mix trends down through the day as modest new SSW swell gradually creeps in. Most areas start the day in the waist-stomach high range before easing. New SSW swell will level size off in the waist high range for many zones through the second half of the day as the NW fades. E/SE wind early in the morning trends southerly through the middle of the day before dropping off through the afternoon.


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