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Mornings in Venice Beach

Mornings in Venice Beach 12/17/21 Friday. Video by Cop Watch Venice

"LAPD is out ticketing homeless people for sleeping again and comes across a guy who drove onto a grass hill outside of the parking lot, but didn't ticket him. Meanwhile the Park Rangers and Sanitation is back for a "major homeless encampment clean up", or in this case they took pictures of everyone and wasted a lot of money without cleaning anything. $1 million dollars a day is spent on these cleanings with no results and the tickets are going to cost taxpayers more than housing, once jail and court costs are included. Knowing the LAPD, they will probably arrest as many people as possible for unpaid tickets on Christmas again, like every year. While 4 people die per day while experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, the majority of the city seems to prefer death and taxes over helping anyone."

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal

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