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Girls Fighting Guys At Venice Pier

A group of "live streamers" (Youtubers) got into a fight with some girls at the Venice Pier on Tuesday afternoon.

As it appears from the videos going somewhat viral, a group of dumb ass attention craving "streamers" were filming and harassing a group of girls next to the Venice Pier. They are doingit for their live stream. Their videos show them being complete douchebags (being themselves, basically).

The bikini-clad girls try telling them to stop filming them, and that they are 16 years old. The douchebags continue being themselves, and it leads to a physical fight. One of the douchetubers even dropkicks one of the girls.

One beach-goer comes over and punks one of the douchetubers for hitting a girl. The crybaby then starts crying for the cops.

During the brawl, the asshole Youtubers apparently call the police, and then when the police arrive and don't arrest the girlss, they try to irritate the officers for more footage for their Youtube live stream.

And after the police leave, these assholetubers then get into another argument with another person, whom they had triggered easrlier by claiming they took his chain. The man repeatedly asks them to stop filming him, while he asked them about his missing chain, to which they don't. So the guy punches one of them dropping him to the curb, while the other runs off like a coward.

Several of the videos are posted below (due to some being age restricted, they have to be viewed on Youtube) :

More footage of this:


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