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Update & GofundMe For Motorcyclist Almost Killed On PCH By Stolen Car

From LeveyAngeles:

"Hi everyone, I am the innocent motorcyclist who was just sitting at a red light minding my own business, when out of nowhere I recorded my near death on 11/14/22, I will never again be who I was before that day, my life is now forever changed, I am a photographer who cannot take photographs, I am an active person who now can’t even stand unassisted, every year I run the LA marathon for St Judes children’shospital, now I can’t even walk to my kitchen without being in crippling pain and it taking 20 minutes and I am a motorcyclist with no motorcycle…

This “accident” has taken everything for me, except my life, and thank God for that…

I honestly did not think I was going to reach the $50,000 goal which at the time i drastically underestimated the amount of the bills it looks like I’m going to be stuck with not to mention my ongoing care… right now it appears because of the circumstances of the “accident“ I will be stuck with because sadly the party who caused this perished in the crash they caused while driving a stolen car, so I’m just stuck with all the expenses now.

But, I will recover, I will regain the use of my arm, I will be able to walk unassisted, I will go on with my life!!!!.

A stolen black Lexus driving at least double the speed limit crashed into a pick up truck, which then flipped on top of me was simply sitting at a red light, waiting to make a left turn before I was airlifted to the nearest trauma hospital as which point it was apparently very much in doubt I was going to live but I beat those odds. you can see exactly what happened in the video, but be advised it is very disturbing, even knowing that I lived (this video is very graphic so if you are sensitive, please be aware ahead of time). I ended it up with a shattered right arm and I am now the owner of a bunch of titanium I did not ever want, 9 broken ribs, an extremely damaged right foot, a collapsed, lung and a wide variety of other issues along with a lifetime of trauma. Not to mention the years and years of therapy OT, PT & mental in an attempt to try to recover as much use as I can from my arm/hand and foot & in an attempt to get back to my old self.

sadly, the driver who caused all of this perished in the accident and since the car they were driving was stolen. I am pretty much stuck with everything above and all the financial burden beyond what my insurance will pick up, unfortunately, I was transported to a hospital other than my own insurance plan so this has become a substantially larger issue now financially. I would just like to say thank you in advance for your generosity, especially in these extremely lean times, it’s hugely appreciated."  


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