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Ocean Park Surf Contest - Awards Ceremony

In an incredible mixture of art, history, and luck, this year's contest trophies have been made by Robert Asher from actual salvaged wood from the Pacific Ocean Park Pier, aka P.O.P. pier. The wood is a tight-grain Fir that has been beveled and sanded on the top where the metal plaques have been screwed to the surface. The rest of the wood has been left in its original state and in areas traces of the paint used on the pier are still visible. One end of the trophies has been stamped "POP 1958" with a wood punch and inked. P.O.P. was founded in 1958. The other end of the trophies has "OPSC" stamped into it for Ocean Park Surf Club.

"We made trophies and souvenirs out of salvaged wood from P.O.P. pier". said Kevin Osborne, founder of the Ocean Park Surf Club and contest organizer, "Some people think that awakened the ocean gods who brought us a great swell for the contest that lasted all day without any wind ever ruining it"

Emily Flavin, 2nd Place Girls

Laney Brooks, 1st Place Girls

Beck Adler, 1st Place Body Surf and 1st Place Boys

Maddie LoMonaco, 1st Place Womens

Tristan Welch, 1st Place Mens

John Asher, 3rd Place Super Masters

Marc Sabatini, 2st Place Super Masters

Paul Tomson, 1st Super Masters

Marcus McLendon, 1st Place Mens

West Adler, 1st Place Juniors

To see all of the photos from the awards ceremony, check out the link:
Ocean Park Surf Contest Awards Ceremony Gallery

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