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Baywatch Review

To sum it up in 2 words: It sucks.

It really does.

First of all, this is the type of movie all the film "Critics" are required to give a negative review of. Those stuffy types are not supposed to like raunchy comedies and raunchy comedies aren't made for them anyways. They are made for the people who just want to spend 90 minutes watching something silly and laughing. Unfortunately, Baywatch straight up failed to deliver any laughs. It has a few small laughs, and that's about it. Even the eye-candy is mediocre. There's not even any memorable beauty shots in the film. No surfing scenes either, not that Hollywood ever shoots any proper surf scenes, so maybe that's for the better. The film relocated the setting to Georgia, so the scenery just sucks as well.

And if you were hoping that the R-rating means there is going to be some nude scenes, Baywatch did deliver there. They delivered an old man's penis. Not any of the Baywatch chicks most were hoping for.

Son Of The Beach did a much better job of being a raunchy Baywatch spoof.

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