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Jan-Michael Vincent Malibu Memorial

Jan-Michael Vincent’s passion for the ocean, as captured in the classic surfer film Big Wednesday, will be celebrated at a special memorial service to be held next month in Malibu.

The producers of the 2011 documentary Hollywood Don’t Surf, which explores the film industry’s relationship with surfing, are sponsoring the memorial, which comes after Vincent died February 10 at age 73. Appropriately enough, the event will be held at Duke’s in Malibu. Big Wednesday director John Milius will co-host the event and appear.

“JMV, as he called himself, passed away in relative obscurity a couple of months ago back east, and most of the coverage he got focused on the wrong part of his life,” said Hollywood Don’t Surf producer Chris Kobin. “We want to look at the great career he had, both as an actor and a surfer, so we’ve invited his friends and fans to come celebrate him.”

Milius, who co-wrote Big Wednesday with Denny Aaberg, chose Vincent to play troubled surfer Matt Johnson, with Gary Busey, William Katt and Lee Purcell co-starring. Milius will attend the event with many of the cast and crew from the film.

“Jan was the perfect guy to play Matt Johnson,” Milius said. “A golden boy, but a troubled golden boy.”

The event will be by invitation only.

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