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Malibu Rescue From Netflix

Netflix just announce their new Malibu Rescue movie and series. From the behind the scenes photos we have come across, doesn't look like much was actually filmed in Malibu. It looks like it's trying to be a Baywatch for pre-teens.

Here's their press release:

In the upcoming movie Malibu Rescue, Ricardo Hurtado (School of Rock) will star as Tyler, a handsome know-it-all with a fierce competitive streak and Breanna Yde ( School of Rock ) will star as Gina, a tough and self-assured athlete. The live-action comedy follows a ragtag group of aspiring junior lifeguards from The Valley as they compete against the snobby local kids for bragging rights and the ultimate tower at Malibu beach. Kids and teens alike will root for these heroic and funny underdogs and parents will connect with the positive life lessons for their children. The movie is set to launch May 13th on Netflix.

Following the movie, Malibu Rescue: The Series will follow the high spirited and scrappy group of novice junior lifeguards after they have staked their claim on Malibu Beach and the wild adventures that fill their days in the sun. The 8-episode series will launch June 3rd on Netflix.

Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas (Raven's Home, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour) will serve as writers and executive producers on the movie and series. Scott McAboy (Rufus 2, Legends of the Hidden Temple) will also serve as executive producer alongside Savage Steve Holland ( Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer ) who will executive produce and direct.

The action-packed nature of the series, in particular, will shock and excite viewers with things like para-sailing accidents, boat chases and potential drownings, Holland says. “We’re single-camera guys, and we like to make little movies,” he says. “In this case, we wanted to have a lot of character development but add an element of excitement and action. We have an action unit on each episode, so every episode you’re like, ‘Holy crap, this is a kids show and they did that!’—which is our dream.”

McAboy and Holland pitched the project as either a series or film two years ago, making Malibu Rescue one of the first original kids/family productions Netflix signed on for. At first, the streamer was unsure if it wanted to finance the productions because of how ambitious the scripts were. However, a spokesperson for the streaming giant confirmed that Netflix decided to move forward with production on both the film and series after seeing how well Holland and McAboy handled stunts, explosions and high-stakes action in productions like Nickelodeon’s Big Time Movie (which Holland directed and McAboy co-executive produced).


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