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Surfer Sliced Up At Malibu

"My friend Will Milner got sliced by a surfboard out at 1st point." Jim Brown describing what happened, "The woman that cut him was surfing recklessly, dropping in on people and had no surf educate. Due to her lack of ability she should of had a leash on her board but didn’t. She never even offered an apology to Will. He is healing up after getting 20 staples at the emergency room."
Will Milner's story on how he got sliced up at Malibu:

"I was enjoying a small early south swell pulse two Sundays ago at the Bu. The lineup was kind of jammed, first sign of summer… the surf was inconsequential, waist maybe chest, good but no big deal. Anyway, I had been noticing this girl burning people most of the morning… not to mention incessantly running to the nose… I had avoided her pretty much until she lost her board. This all happened really quickly… The girl once again burning a dude on a a set wave, she ran to the nose, arched her back, her board got hung up and tossed with the momentum of the breaking wave, tail first.

I attempted to roll to avoid it hitting my head, but the tail/fin slammed and snagged my whole right side… her board, the dude’s board and my board to the beach… I knew I had been basically stabbed, I could feel cold water in the wound… Swimming in I told the girl her board slammed me and it’s not good… she started crying… on the beach, more of the same.
Holding her stomach and crying. I didn’t see her get hit, but I don't know. I kind of scolded her for a minute and she yelled to me and her boyfriend sitting next to her, “Fuck that guy, I hate him” and ran away to the parking lot crying.

So I asked the boyfriend where they were from, didn’t get too much info… needing to take care of my wound, the lifeguard, Carter, super cool and nice, helped me out, I couldn’t see the gash, he looked surprised maybe shocked, , so I knew it was probably bad… he offered to call an ambulance.

Fortunately my girlfriend was with me… and drove me to the emerge(sic) care in Malibu… they wouldn’t see me because my insurance company website was down, drove to the one in Calabasas, two-hour wait. I insisted that the nurse at least check it out… she obliged and said it was bad and maybe the muscle is torn and sent us to the ER in West Hills… 20 staples.

I don’t know the protocol on this, but if I had lost my board and wounded someone, I definitely would offer to help etc.. the girl was a brat.

Maybe her ego was bruised, embarrassed? And didn’t want to admit she was wrong?"

Photos by Jim Brown .

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