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Updated: Venice Pier Jumper Rescued By Surfer

Got some updated info on that guy who had to be rescued after jumping off the Venice Pier.
By Peter Ruiz, head of Venice Pier Project

At 12:15 pm Tuesday, May 7th, an unidentified man jumped off the north side of the Venice Pier.

Under estimating the undertow and the wind, he struggled to swim away from the pilings. A set of 3- to 5-foot waves rolled in a few minutes later and slammed the man into not one but two pilings. A near by surfer, Wagner Lima, rescued the guy. Lima heard the guy screaming for help. Lima paddled over to him and had him grab onto his legs so he can paddle both of them out to the beach. A few minutes later LAFD was on scene. The man refused to be treated and was informed that it’s a fine or even arrest for jumping off the Venice Pier. Dazed and bleeding from all the mussels tearing into his torso, the man limped away to the showers.

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