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New Surfy Art In Malibu

The City of Malibu Cultural Arts Commission is going to decorate utility boxes with art that represents Malibu Surf Life, and to do it, they got 3 artist who seem to have no connection to surfing (well one of them claims his Venice-based clothing line is "totally dope clothing for extreme sports" that is "sold in surf and skate shops", yet no one's ever heard of his "Sick Clothing".)

Kinda of lame that they didn't choose artists that do surf, or artists that even live in Malibu.

Here's their press release:

Art Utility Box Program
The City of Malibu Cultural Arts Commission selected three artists to paint one-of-a-kind artwork on four City-owned utility boxes in the Civic Center area as part of the City’s public art initiative. The artists will begin their work in late September and are expected to complete the project by November 2019.

By creatively transforming a typically mundane structure into a work of art, the painted utility boxes will broaden each viewer’s understanding of the Malibu culture or environment. The selected designs vary from modern, geometric art to bright collage pop-art to realistic ocean scenery.

The professional artists who were selected to complete the project and the locations are:

• Shannon Celia, Civic Center Way and Winter Canyon Road. Celia will create a box that represents Malibu’s surf life and scenic landscape. Her artwork will include surfboards, seagulls, waves and the coast.

• Mark Andrew Allen, Civic Center Way and Webb Way; and Civic Center Way and Malibu Canyon Road. Allen will paint two boxes in the Civic Center area which will include replications of iconic Malibu images such as the Malibu Pier, Highway 1 sign, surfboards, and other images in a bright, pop-art collage style.

• Flavia Monteiro, Civic Center Way and Cross Creek Road. Monteiro will paint pastel geometric, three-dimensional squares that will offer a pop of contemporary art by the newly opened Whole Foods Market.


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