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Project Save Our Surf

Project Save Our Surf is dedicated to the conservation of our oceans, fresh water and the delicate marine ecosystems that reside therein. We believe that through education, awareness outreach and involvement that we can generate significant change on our planet.

Every 2nd Saturday of the month we are in Santa Monica Beach hosting a monthly beach clean up. In the past we have hosted many from Los Angeles county to Santa Barbara. We want to get more permanent monthly beach clean ups on the schedule. Fundraising will help cover the costs of tents, buckets, trash bags, gloves, food, and training for our volunteers.

While our initial focus was on cleaning up the oceans, we expanded our fight for clean water to include something that should never be a luxury — access to safe water. We have traveled to the Philippines and Vietnam to provide water filters for those without access, so they can be healthy and thrive.

We plan to return to provide additional filters and ensure that the filters we have provided are still in place helping the community. Additionally, we are coordinating a trip to Flint, Michigan to help with domestic water issues, as well. We have largely been a self funded organization since 2008 and our capital campaign goal will help fund these projects and the future initiatives as we aim to creae lasting change for our environment and those that depend on its cleanliness for the most basic of human needs. Please join us in this mission!

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