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Venice Pier Jumper Rescue

The lifeguards rescued this guy who was unconscious after jumping off the Venice Pier at 11:47am on Sunday, as seen in these photos shot by Six12 Media. It was also on our Instagram Story being posted as it happened.

According to several witnesses the guy "was on something".

He had passed a couple surfers on his walk to the pier, and they said he had a backpack and they noticed he was.

Two ladies who on the pier saw him sitting on the ledge of the pier, jokingly told him to be careful, that he could fall over. But they said he didn't acknowledge them, almost as if he couldn't even hear him.

A surfer who saw him jump said he kinda of jumped off with his arms flailing and he hit the water flat on his side.

The lifeguards ran out right away and rescued him. They got him to shore and onto an ambulance.

Seems like the hit knocked him out, because he was unconscious when they were bringing him in.

He looked dead to most of the people on the pier. But he did have a pulse, according to someone who later asked one of the lifeguards about it.


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