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Venice Surf School Owner Goes On A Tirade Over Bad Review

The self-proclaimed "#1 surf school in Venice Beach & Santa Monica California" is making the woke news waves for having another meltdown over a bad review.

Last week, Kapowui Surf Club got a 1-Star review on Google from a person who thought the owner was being very unprofessional for blaming a cancelled surf lesson on the "Chinese flu".

"Lesson got cancelled due to covid-19 and I received and email stating it was canceled due to “the Ch*n*se flu” this is very unprofessional of you and I will not be rescheduling. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS." wrote the reviewer.

Kapowui rarely recieves any negative reviews, but when he does, he tends to fly off the Wavestorm.

He made a lenghthly reply discussing retirement, snowflakes, politics, and wadded panties:

"I’ve written this 3 time but google keeps censoring my reply so here’s one last attemp without saying where the virus originated, maybe this one will not be censored.

Not quite sure why your panties are in a wad. Where did the virus come from? What did the media call it in the beginning? So was I wrong to call it what they did? Amazing at how people forget these things and would rather be politically correct. So when I was refunding you, I only stated a fact and referenced the name the media was calling it at the time. The Media said that chXnxx was the source of the virus so my refund message to you I put in the information that was the available to me. I should have had the foresight to call it covid long before scientist came up with the name, I guess I’m just not that clever. I’m sorry me referencing the origin of the virus offended you. I hope this helps you better understand my frame of my mind.

Oh and BTW, I will not allow you to reschedule with us. . And as far as your statement ” DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS”, I don’t capitulate to cancel culture and snowflakes. And anyone who is offended by facts should not book a lesson with us because I only speak the truth….well for as long as freedom of speech is still a right. It would appear censorship is alive and well. Welcome to the Orwellian dystopia.

Just to let you know I was deeply depressed and frustrated by having my rights stripped away, my business shut down and being stuck inside my small apartment for months on end. I felt like my whole life was falling apart. My business which I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into for 15 years was dead and I was stressing out about it shutting down forever and surfing is know so my future seemed so dead. 2020 was the year planed on buying a house and possibly retiring and after the STAY AT HOME order, my whole future seemed lost. I am a social animal, an out doorsman and a waterman and all that was taken away from me. FYI I also I have a compromised immune system and I’m 51, so I was hyper worried about the possibly of catching the virus and possibly dying. Also being a surfer, drowning is my greatest fear and as we know those who are seriously affected basically drown in their own fluids. Seeing my country that I so love and served for being decimated, seeing the world fall into choas and all because of a cover up. So No, renaming the virus will change it’s origin.

Perhaps you should direct your angst and frustration for the global implications due to a cover up that has cost trillions of dollars, put millions of small business out of business forever, countless people suffering, lost homes, lost jobs, tens of thousands of people dead and dying, the families that have to morn their loss, etc, etc, etc….. But no wait…. you did your part! You wrote a bad review! now you are a true activist you have stood up for… what? CPP narrative, the far left, and censorship,…. YAAYYYYY!!!! Go celebrate yourself. Sheepeople like you disgust me. Get a life."

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  1. This operator also pays for most of his positive reviews. During the Los Angeles beach closures he did not think to have them stop paying for false reviews. Also in Yelp you may find a ton of negative reviews and similar tirades (scroll down and click "other reviews that are not currently recommended" and you will find a treasure trove of drama). It's just sad Google and Yelp won't do anything about false 'paid for' reviews

  2. [8:45 PM, 8/4/2020] Kapowui: Anonymous, let me guess, you are a competing school and are sour that I'm crushing it. I''m sorry you are not. Only a competing surf school would go to all the trouble to read every review and then try and bring that school down by trying to make it public and also hiding behind Anonymous. As far as reviews during Covid, I was one of the 1st schools to get my permit approved to operate because I foresaw what the city would need and had it ready for them the day they said surf schools could open up once they received and approved our procedures, hence me starting before everyone else. I guess you didn't think to do that.Cream rises always. Also I have never had to buy one review, I didn't know you could, I guess you do though, how many did you buy. BTW my name is Martin Squires I own Kapowui surf school, I don't hide behind ANONYMOUS, I'll just call you Sandy...Sandy Vajayjay. And Yes I highly encourage everyone to read every word of my review replies, I stand behind every word. When I or my business is falsely attacked I do not capitulate. I am a man not an anonymous, I have morals, ethics, and principles, that I stand on hence me not taking shit. So whats your name? what school do you run? Maybe I can help you bring yourself up, instead of you trying to bring me down.

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