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Keep Dreaming This Is America - German In Venice

Mike, aka German in Venice, vlogs about daily life in Venice Beach. His newest video is a huge thank you to all the viewers of his videos.

"This video is to thank all my subscribers that support me on my YouTube channel. I hit 40,000 subscribers and I’m really thankful and appreciative. I hope I can entertain you even more in the future. I hope you like this video, thank you very much keep, dreaming and thanks for watching."

If you would like to support German in Venice with some gas money or you want to buy him a coffee, you are welcome to donate to his paypal account:


  1. I LOVE your videos! What editing program do you use? Keep on making your homeless videos, too. People need to see how even in a prosperous country we still have third world problems. You are AWESOME!

  2. German in Venice, by chance do you give personal tours of Venice beach, Hollywood etc? You know all the hot spots.

  3. I stumbled on German in Venice' channel and LOVE him! The videos are so much fun (except the homeless stuff) I love his attitude, kindness and zeal for life.

  4. I have really appreciated your videos. I was feeling depressed after CoVid. You are such an uplifting person. I love your positivity. Keep doing what your doing. You have a beautiful spirit. I especially enjoy the homeless videos and your focus on people rather than the situation they are in. LOVE YOU GERMAN IN VENICE! My next vaca will be Venice Beach!

  5. Fucking disgusting. Making a buck off the homeless? That's new low even for Germans!

  6. I would love to have a drink and a long conversation with him. It's amazing how many love the fluff but slam him when he brings the dirty laundry out by highlighting the homeless. It made me even more aware that the USA is one of the most selfish cultures yet. Keep doing what you do- ignore the losers

  7. Hi mike, I don’t understand why is the real problem of homeless is being ignored. These people are drug addicts, and the drugs cause there mental problems. The solution to these homelessness is, they need to be treated in a medical facilities involuntary, again involuntarily. The drugs is taking control of there lives. Every single homeless that are in these tents are all victims of substance abuse. This needs to be stopped, we need real interventions. If you really want to help these homeless, is to get the law to be changed and they must be admitted into a medical facility against there will.
    They need help they have mental problems and the drugs making them unsafe and they can’t control there addictions. They neeeeeddddd helppppp!!!
    We need to get the law to be enforced and get them real help, not fake fixing that is not working in anything. I respect freedom and choice but for those that are mentally aware. Homeless people are addicted to drugs and they need real help. So please with all my experience in mental health we need to work on ( Do Not love the homeless to death) we need to work on protesting to get homeless people of the street and get them in medical Facilty, where they can be safe and medically treated. And in these medical facilities we can work on Thearpy, education, help them meet goals and expectations. Help them be part of society and be beneficial to humanity. These programs must be 6 month to a year. They must be there, weather they like it or not. They need to be educated and get Thearpy, and counseling. Drug addicts are in emotional pain, they are using drugs to hide there pain. We need to help them and make them see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we need to use the tough love in the beginning so we can get them detoxed and help them live free from addiction.