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TMZ Breaks The News: Shops Can't Keep Boards In Stock!!!

Local Holywood Celebrity Tabloid Website TMZ just declared this breaking news: "Surfing Exploding During Pandemic Shops Can't Keep Boards In Stock!!!".

"Shreddin' the gnar is taking off during the pandemic," claim the TMZ Sportsdivision of TMZ, "surfing has EXPLODED while people try to have fun while social distancing!!!"

TMZ supposedly called a bunch of shops and "each one told us the demand has been so huge, they can't keep boards in stock!!"

But most of us don't consider Costco to be a surf shop.

A fully stocked surf shop prior to the pandemic.

But to be fair, they also got quotes from a couple surfboard company reps saying salesmen type things that reps usually say, like "Surfing has doubled this year because it's a social distancing activity and it's free."

You can read thier full-on awesome news report HERE!!!!!

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