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WSL Brings Covid Postive Surfer To Hawaii

The Santa Monica based WSL is now coming under fire for not only allowing one of their CT Surfers who tested positive for Covid-19 to travel to their Hawaii event, but for also helping him do it.

A few days ago, the WSL suspended the Billabong Pipe Masters competition at Oahu’s Banzai Pipeline after having received confirmed, positive COVID-19 test results for five WSL staff members, including CEO and standup paddleboarder extraordinaire Erik Logan.

WSL officials said in the announcement they are working closely with the state Department of Health and “prioritizing the safety of the athletes, staff and surrounding community above all else.”

But, Brazilian News Network, Globo has reported that Yago Dora had been testing postive for Covid-19 in several separate tests right before getting on the plane to Hawaii.

Yago posted about it and mentions that the WSL helped him get an exemption to travel. He origianlly posted about it on a now deleted Instagram post.

Globo has reposted:

Via google translate:
"On November 26th I started my trip from Florianópolis towards Hawaii. The day before, November 25, I did a PCR test from Covid to make sure it was not contaminated before boarding, the result came back NEGATIVE. It seemed to be all right for the trip, but on the 27th morning when I arrived at Dallas airport, where we are asked to do another test in order to be able to board for Hawaii and avoid the 14 days of quarantine required by the government, in this test unfortunately my result he returned POSITIVE, and since then I have been isolated in a hotel room in Dallas and trying thousands of ways to get there in time for the Pipe Masters, which is the most special event on the entire circuit for me and the first event of the 2021 season. Luckily I do not feel any symptoms of the disease and yesterday I had a medical consultation after the tenth isolated day and I am released from isolation, but to embark for Hawaii it is necessary to test negative for Covid (I repeated some tests during these 11 days and I did not get one NEGATIVE) or obtain a quarantine exemption letter from the Hawaiian government. After a lot of effort and a lot of faith, with the help of my team, the WSL, WPS and a medical team today we got the exemption and I'm going to Hawaii! The day before the event starts! I have no words to thank everyone involved in this very intense 11-day battle. You know who you are! THANKS!"

As of now, there is no word if Yago is the one who spread it to the WSL people who are now positive.

Also, the reason why the Pipe Masters competition had to be cancelled was because WSL used a film permit instead of the usual event permit this time. The film permit allowed them to close the beach off, whereas the event permit doesn't. And by using the film permit, they have diffrent CDC guidelines to follow, such as having to stop production when a Covid outbreak takes place.

News Source:Globo: Mundial De Surfe
Top Photo Source: Posted Anymously On the INterWebz
Bottom Photo Source:Yago's Instagram

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