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ZJ Boarding House Secures New Lease in Santa Monica

The iconic Santa Monica board shop secures a new lease, extensive new renovations, and will reopen in the Spring of 2021. The temporary store will remain open for business in adjacent building next door, during the renovation.

Boardriders Inc. is pleased to announce a new go-forward lease and substantial renovation of its iconic ZJ Boarding House in Santa Monica – a pillar of the local community for more than three decades.

Working closely with the building’s landlord and local leaders, a new five-year lease has been signed and major renovations are underway at the original corner location on Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica. These steps ensure ZJ’s ongoing service to the community in all things boardriding for the foreseeable future.

“What a silver lining at the end of such a challenging year,” says Todd Roberts, co-founder of ZJ. “ZJ Boarding House is such an integral part of the community and we can’t thank our customers enough for their patience and support of us over the years. Thanks to the hard work of the community, of Boardriders, and of our landlord, we now have a plan in place that will continue to make this space the ultimate destination for everyone looking to have fun in and around the ocean, the mountains and beyond.”

After the Main Street renovations, which include the replacement of the roof, seismic retrofits, and substantial interior upgrades, the entire 4,900 square foot space will be open and ready to share the stoke in just a few months’ time. “Spring 2021 can’t come soon enough,” says Ajai Datta, who leads US retail operations for Boardriders. “We’re all looking to turn the page on challenging year that will ultimately make us stronger in the long run.”

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