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Labor Day Weekend Surf Forecast

Saturday, September 4th: PM sees 2-3′ waves from fresh, slow rising SSW swell. Morning starts off slow with most spots staying under waist high, but a new round of modest scale, long-period SSW swell gradually fills in during the day. In the afternoon the rising Southern Hemi puts well exposed breaks of northern LA in thigh to waist high surf. Largest late. A little NW windswell lingers through the day. Light/variable winds early, shift to a sea breeze later morning, then rise to light+/locally more onshores for the afternoon. Evening winds look to ease in most areas, as the tide heads for a deep 6′ high about an hour after sunset.

Sunday, September 5th: 3-4′ surf off SSW swell, most size in the PM. For the morning, a building, long-period SSW swell has better exposures of northern LA in waist to chest high range waves. More SSW swell shows over the afternoon, putting more of those well exposed spots in chest to shoulder high surf. Bit more NW windswell due to mix in, but it’s still small, waist high or under. Light/variable winds for much of the morning, followed by light+/locally more afternoon onshores. The sea breeze is expected to taper off by the evening for most of the coast, as the tide steadily rises towards a 6’+ high about 90 minutes after sunset.

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