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Police Standoff at Venice Boardwalk

Filmed on 1/7/22 Friday by Cop Watch Venice

"Park Rangers are back for the weekly Venice beach boardwalk homeless encampment clean up AKA sweep. They again use selective enforcement and ignore the south end of the boardwalk again today. This week they started at the pagodas on Park Ave and made everyone move, but didn't clean anything. Then they headed north where they threw away a bunch of unattended stuff, then on to rose ave where they let multiple people stay that had tons of stuff, including one guy with a fire, and singled out one guy who they wanted to move. He wasn't having it and threatens the rangers, so they call LAPD. I didn't believe the outcome as they drove off and left tons of trash all over the beach"

Cop Watch Venice follows LAPD pacific division on world famous Venice beach, showing a point-of-view style cop watch and update on Venice's current conditions. We make edited shorts, full scenes and are working on a documentary about homelessness and city failures. Donate to Cop Watch Venice via Cop Watch Venice Paypal

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