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Venice Arson Suspect Sought

The Los Angeles Fire Department's Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section (ACTS) is seeking the public's help in locating this suspect in connection with recent arson fires in the Venice area. The suspect set a series of rubbish fires on February 26, 2022 on Flower Ct between 6th Ave and 7th Ave. The suspect continued westbound and set additional rubbish fires on Paloma Ct between Pacific Ave and Speedway.

LAFD Investigators are working closely with Patrol Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Community Police Station to canvass the area in the search for this suspect.

Given the quality of these images, it is believed the suspect should be easily identifiable to those who know him.

Anyone who recognizes this suspect should call the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers Hotline at (800) 222-8477.

25-35 yo African American male
Approximately 6' tall, 185lbs
Thin build, thin mustache
Right side earring
Brown USS Iowa ball cap
White shirt with blue graphic design
Bluep pants and black Croc shoes
Variety of jewelry including shell necklace, ear stud, wrist bracelet and multiple rings on fingers

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