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2004 Women’s Red Bull 5X Malibu

Throwing it back to 2004 with this video of this women's nigh time surf contest at Malibu.

{{{Malibu}}}, Calif. – (October 16, 2004) – With 180,000 watts of light focused on the action, the Red Bull 5X made history as Malibu’s first-ever night surfing event was held in reeling, shoulder-high waves at the famous First Point. Five of the sport’s most talented female longboarders, includingDaize Shayne, Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Kim Hamrock and SchuylerMcFerran, battled it out in a {{{90}}}-minute expression session.

Instead of the normal surf competition in which each surfer’s performance is critiqued by judges on the beach, the RB5X allows the surfers to push the limits of performance without the constraints of typical contest formats. A full film crew recorded all the action in the water and the surfers themselves will determine the winner during a playback session.

“It was so rad with no judges. You’re your own judge and you’re everybody else’s judge,” says pro surfer Kassia Meador of Oceanside, Calif. “The RB5Xis a cool way to push each other and push our surfing to the next level.It’s more about earning the respect of your peers and seeing who threw down, who’s doing the craziest stuff and who was surfing the best.”

Despite the impossibly long nose rides and graceful footwork on display, it was the unique night surfing format that caught the attention of the surfers. “It was so beautiful on the water,” says veteran pro Kim Hamrock of Huntington Beach, Calif. “Actually it was kind of hard to surf at times because I was just mesmerized watching the bottom and the fish.”

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