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A Grom's Reply To Newsom's Statewide Beach Closure Order

Photo by @marygrosswendt

17 year old longboarder from Malibu, Brooke Carlson took to Instagram to respond the angry governor's new state-wide beach closure order:

"As of May 1st in California, you will not be allowed on the beach or in the water. Gavin Newsom, you don’t own the ocean so that fact you're ticketing people for surfing is beyond me. In Ventura the boardwalk was far more crowded then in the water or on the beach and you don’t hear anyone talking about closing the boardwalk. Everybody I saw (I went on a beach run this weekend from marina park to Ventura pier about a 2 1/2 mile stretch) was following the CDC rules and everybody was being respectful of the CHP when they said that you can’t be laying on the beach, you have to be moving around and social distancing. I understand it may have been a different story in Newport and Huntington but that shouldn’t mean just because people wanted to go lay on the beach that you have to punish the people who actually surf and train at the beach. If people want to go against CDC rules they’re going to do it regardless of if it’s at the beach or not. This completely sends the wrong message to people and county’s who are actually following the rules. Feel free to disagree but this is just my opinion" - Brooke Carlson

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