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Dead Body Found At Venice Pier

A dead body was discovered at just north of the Venice Pier on Saturday morning.

Reports from beachgoers are that the body appeared to have signs that it must have been in thw water for "days". Several that caught glimpses of the body said a hand was missing, and it looked like it had bites all over. One person said the eyes were gone.

There is no official statement made yet from LAPD or the Sherrif's Department, as it appeared there was no rush to figure it out. Probably because, as one Venice resident said, "it was a homeless person".

UPDATE: LASD reports it was the body of a man in his 30's and is "Too decomposed to determine how he died or how long he was dead." The body was discovered by a jogger around 8:12 a.m. The jogger called 911 and first responders pulled the body out of the water and onto the beach.

As of midday Saturday, the body was still there, under a tent, while a surf school teaches there class right next to it.

More info when it becomes avaliable.


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