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Shaka Film Screening

Free test screening of the Shaka Film where you can be among the first to watch and give feedback!

Shaka, A Story of Aloha" is a feature-length documentary on the origin, meanings and uses of the iconic thumb and pinky gesture. You may know it from surfing, extreme sports, jui jitsu, traveling through Hawai’i or seeing celebs or politicians like Obama flashing it. The film features original music by Hawai’i music legend Henry Kapono, Exec-Produced by Bryan Spicer (producer/director Hawaii Five-O & Magnum PI), directed by Hawaiian film director Alex Bocchieri and produced/written by Steve Sue.

This test screening is an intimate affair being held at the historical Neutra Office Building, 2379 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA. Be the first to catch a glimpse of this movie with a mission of sharing Aloha through the Shaka gesture. This in-person event promises an unforgettable experience including Q&A with producer/writer Steve Sue. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the exclusive audience and provide valuable feedback through discussion and a short online survey. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the Shaka and witness its magic before anyone else!

Saturday, November 18 · 6 - 8pm
2379 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90039

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