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Palm Desert Is Getting A Surf Pool

A wave pool just 90 minutes away.

Waves powered by The Wavegarden Cove.
Ocean-like waves in clean, crystal-clear water.
Consistent rights and lefts, barrels, walls, and turn sections for experienced surfers.
Gentle inside sections for cruising, learning and sharing with family and friends.
Surfing all day and into the night with limited crowds and optimized wave conditions.

"I’m very excited to announce the DSRT Surf project I’m a part of. This world class surf pool resort will be nestled into the beautiful surroundings of Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert. We have an amazing team that has spent countless hours in the last 2 years to make this dream a reality. We’re getting close to having it across the line and breaking ground!

More than anything I’m excited to spend time out here with my family and friends! Yes of course you’re all invited too!" - Josh Kerr

They say they are going to start construction at the end of the year, and say it should be open sometime in 2012. And it looks like it's gonna be run like a golf resort, be all fancy mancy and stuffs, but who knows.... Anyhows, here's some more info:

The DSRT SURF team consists of life-long, passionate surfers. Several are elite, world-class professionals and others are local surfers just trying to share a few waves with family and friends. We’ve all felt the positive impact of surfing and memorable surf trips and want to share that feeling through the DSRT SURF experience.

The DSRT SURF team brings diverse expertise to the project. We have deep roots in surf pool development, the surf industry, finance, hospitality, real estate development, law, land use, environmental initiatives, politics, and community building.

DSRT Surf’s roster provides an unparalleled platform for creating the world’s first destination surf resort beyond the ocean.

Some details on the resort and offerings:

Premium villas or hotel rooms in a laid-back setting. Epic surf surrounded by the World Class Desert Willow golf courses. Yoga, pickleball, volleyball, and more. Spa and Fitness Center to build up or wind down. Surf Academy for lessons, camps, and retreats to serve individual and groups at all surfing levels. Locally sourced food offerings. A world class hospitality team dedicated to maximizing your surf resort experience.

No pricing info yet.



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  9. Surfing can be an incredible way to connect with nature and the ocean. With a surf pool in Palm Desert, people can experience that connection without needing to be near the coast

  10. The presence of a surf pool in Palm Desert offers individuals an opportunity to forge a deep connection with nature and the ocean, even when they are far from the coastal areas.

  11. Palm Desert is about to ride a new wave of excitement with the arrival of a surf pool! 🌊🏄‍♀️ This is fantastic news for both residents and visitors. Surfing enthusiasts can now catch a wave in the heart of the desert. It's a game-changer for our community, offering an exhilarating experience and adding a whole new dimension to our recreational options. Get ready to hang ten and embrace the surf culture right here in Palm Desert!

  12. Palm Desert is making waves with the exciting news of a surf pool! 🌊🏄‍♂️ This is a game-changer for our desert community, bringing a taste of the ocean to our backyard. Surfing enthusiasts and newcomers alike are in for a thrilling experience. It's not just a surf pool; it's a wave of excitement and a new chapter in our recreational options. Get ready to ride the surf and embrace the beach vibes right here in Palm Desert

  13. "Wow, a surf pool in Palm Desert? 🏄 This sounds like an incredible project! Can't wait to catch some waves in crystal-clear water and enjoy the surf with family and friends. The combination of surf and a laid-back resort setting seems like a dream come true. Looking forward to its opening!"