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Surfer's Lost Wedding Ring Found

From Stan Ross of

"Scott called me the day after he lost his white gold wedding band in the surf near the Pier in Venice Beach, CA. He always takes his wedding band off his finger and keeps it inside the upper inside pocket of his wetsuit. It was almost too warm to wear a wet suit and he was hot as he came out of the water. In waist deep water he dropped the upper part of his wetsuit. Scott knew right away that his ring went into the water.

He was up able to meet me the next morning which didn’t seem like much of a problem for me. It was directly in front of the lifeguard tower, he knew for sure that’s where the loss occurred and I would be able to search at low tide.

In began my grid search lower into to surf working my way up to the best possible location. Boom!! Scott’s ring in the scoop. Perfect directions and great timing to get there within the first 24 hours. Scott was at work, not able to pick it up. He had me give it to his friend that teaches surfing there at Venice Beach Pier."

"I started this hobby in 1971. I have kept up with the latest technology and have the state of the art metal detecting equipment. Each search is unique and has its own challenges. Timing is so important please call ASAP day or night. I will also offer you some suggestions to help you find your lost item. It's so rewarding to see how happy people are when I find a piece of jewelry that they thought was lost forever. I am retired and this is a service not a business. I'm looking forward to help you find your lost valuable."

Lost something at the beach, hit up Stan Ross right away via his bio page on, and he can help you find it.

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